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United States
Current Residence: iowa
Favourite genre of music: Rock, J-pop, anime music
Favourite photographer: I don't really know any by name ^^'
Favourite style of art: Manga, cartoony, chibi
Operating System: laptop? ?<=(
MP3 player of choice: My ipod, McJustice ^^
Favourite cartoon character: TIED: France and Romano from Hetalia
Personal Quote: Everyone is insane, just to a different degree
Yo peoples, AnimeIowa was last weekend and overall it was ... flopsy. Well, even though I had fun, there was a whole lot of drama to the point of crying, but I won't bring you down with that. ANYWAY!!! Some great things that happened this year INCLUDE!!! I got to hang out with Team Rocket as well as Bakura and Marik for awhile ^^ which was very fun and both duos were extremely nice to me!!! I also got a few seasons of anime, DBZ, Case Closed, and Hetalia for VERY cheap!!! Sunday is like a dream when you get to the dealer's room :icondreamplz: I got a little robot-bear plushie, who I am still trying to figure out a name for, AND HETALIA VOLUME 3!!!! :iconblushingplz: And apparently, I KNOW EVERYONE!!! No joke! When I was wandering around with friends, I had to stop every 2 minutes or so to hug or say hi to someone I know!!! IT WAS GREAT!!! At one point I had the song "Everybody loves me" by One Republic stuck in my head but I wasn't complaining :iconsmilesplz: ALSO, since the last time I wrote I would like to inquire that I got my first job!!! I now work at a frozen yogurt place in town. My pay may not be high, but the tasks are easy and the people are uber friendly!!! So, BACK TO THE CON!!! There were TONZ of Homestuckers!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! I hugged like 4 Gamzee's, 2 Tavros's and I even got a kiss from Karkat!!! :iconblushplz: I also got to dance for a bit with Duke Devlin which was VERY fun!!! One of the biggest things that happened at the con was that I found out these two girls who I've seen at cons for a year and a half now apparently live 15 MINUTES AWAY!!! Basically, they had to go home and I was waiting with them for their ride to show up and I asked them where they live. They said my town and I FREAKED OUT!!! They then asked me if I knew this boy named Ben and I said I graduated with him, I GREW UP AND GRADUATED WITH THEIR BROTHER!!! AND THEIR MOTHER WAS THE ONE WHO TAUGHT ME IN PRESCHOOL!!! Talk about a small world right?! :iconworldplz: Also at the con, I met some people who I follow on Youtube including the Spain and Romano from "SpamanoVlog" and the duo from "KonigreichPreuBen". Meeting both youtube pairs was fun as ever and I can't wait to see them again next year!!! ^^
So, the last BIG thing that happened occured right before I left. I was waiting outside for the right moment to leave with my friends when a girl cosplaying as Twilight Sparkle showed up. Being a fellow pegasister, I started up a conversation with her. I asked her how her weekend was and she said it was amazing because she got to hug J. Micheal Tatum, who happens to be my favorite voice actor. Now, I knew he was scheduled to be at the con, but he unfortunately had to cancel, but I wanted to believe her so the two of us set off looking for the epic individual. We went back to the mainstage room where closing ceremonies had just been held and she pointed him out and introduced him to me, at which he said he wasn't J. Michael Tatum. I turned to her, a little miffed that my hopes had been in vain, but before I could say anything to her, she ran out of the room crying. I talked to the man in question and he said it had been odd that she had seen him, hugged him, and cried at meeting him, but she had never asked his name so she must have assumed. Poor girl. As he and his friends were leaving, I approached him again and said he really did look like Tatum to which he said they were often confused to be brothers when they went to dinner together. I froze at this. After a bit more chatting, I discovered him, Stephen Hoff, and his wife, Terri Doty, were BEST FRIENDS with Tatum!!! And to all fellow Fruk supporters, have you seen the video on youtube where France and England go to marriage counseling? SHE'S THE COUNSELER!!! :iconzomgplz: And so, him and Patrick Delahanty started teasing me with all the numbers they had on their phones. They said "So, do you want to talk to J. or I can call Scott Freeman, Todd Haberkorn, Christopher Sabat?" And they named all these amazing people I would crawl a mile to meet while I freaked out and ran to get a sharpie so I could get their facebooks!!! And Terri was really nice, she said I was fun and let me clutch onto her sleeve for balance as they listed the amazing people they knew!!! So, after I got their facebooks, I had to say goodbye, give them all a 7th hug, and left the con feeling better than I had all weekend. The last 10 minutes of the con more than made up for the crap I went through. So, in the end, met some amazing people, walked till I couldn't feel my feet, spent around $130, OH, and did I mention I got a recording of Josh Grelle (Voice of Lithuania and an all around incredible individual) saying "I love you Poland" in Lithuania's voice? :iconhurrayplz: Hehe, overall, it was a convention worth going to and I can't wait till next year~
  • Listening to: Karkalicious by Broadway Karkat
  • Reading: Hetalia Volume 3
  • Watching: Hetalia season 4
  • Playing: Pokemon Flora Sky
  • Eating: Taquitos
  • Drinking: Faygo

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